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At ATC, we focus on safety and quality with the same commitment and dedication for all our staff, contractors, customers, vendors, and the community and environment in which we operate. Our Life Saving Rules are a key element in developing a “Safety First” mentality and strengthening a safety culture that is built upon our experience within the industry, as well as input and influences from both inside and outside the organization.

These Life Saving Rules are designed to create a foundation for a minimum safety standard in meeting our daily job-related requirements and work in combination with or alongside our customer and vendor safety policies and safety programs.

As part of our commitment to creating a safe working environment wherever we work, all employees and contractors are responsible and authorized to stop unsafe acts which do not comply to these rules, other ATC, Customer or Vendor procedures or policies. For this to be effective it requires all incidents, however minor, to be reported on the appropriate ATC reports, forms or documents.

In addition, we ask all our employees and contractors to have a teamwork attitude towards safety in that we continually look out for one another, our colleagues and coworkers, our customers and vendors, in that all the work being scheduled, performed and completed is done so in a safe manner. This will allow us to accomplish our ultimate goal in that we all go home safely each and every day to our family and loved ones.


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16 Life Saving Rules
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